Saamy Routine dish with too much tamil flavor

Starring Chiyaan Vikram and Keerthi Suresh, Saamy has hit the big screens in the Telugu states today. The trailer was filled with action episodes and that raised the curiosity factor for the movie-goers. Scroll down to check whether the movie lives up to the expectations or not.

Ramasaamy(Vikram) is a strict police officer who lost his family at a very young age. He tries to avenge the death of his family members and tries to track down the culprits. One fine day, Diya(Keerthy Suresh) meets Ramasaamy and falls for him after he saves her from a gang of goons.

As time passes by, Ramasaamy comes to know that Ravana(Bobby Simha) and his brothers were the ones who killed his parents. He begins hunting them down one by one. Will he be successful in this process? What are the hurdles he has to overcome? To know the answers to these questions, you should watch the film on the big screen. Chiyaan Vikram comes up with an energetic performance in the role of a straightforward police officer.

His aggression and screen presence is a big plus to the movie. Also, he looks dynamic and proves that he can carry out such roles with ease. Keerthy Suresh has a very limited screen presence but she looks really beautiful on screen. In a few scenes, Keerthy is seen with minimal makeup but she manages to pull it off with her subtle acting skills.

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