Ever since Vivek got married to college sweetheart Ann, he hasn’t been in touch with his childhood friends. Four years later, Ann invites his friends for a surprise reunion to their pre-independence era bungalow which is rumoured to be haunted.

At least once we have all flocked around a fireside with friends or family and spooked them out with numerous ghost stories threading on the verge of reality. With Kinavalli, Sugeeth tries to recreate that familiar vibe of such an eerie night.

Vivek, Ajith, Swathy, Sudheesh and Gopan are childhood friends. Vivek though has not been in touch with them since his wedding to Ann. Out of the blue, they receive a voicemail from Ann inviting them to celebrate her wedding anniversary at their bungalow. Since Vivek hasn’t been in touch with his friends after he eloped with Ann, this reunion is supposed to be a truce between the friends. But Vivek and Ann’s bungalow is rumoured to be haunted and look every bit eerie.

After ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Shikari Shambhu’, Sugeeth steps right outside his comfort zone with ‘Kinavalli’ by not banking on his usual reliable names as part of the cast. The fantasy-horror genre too is new for him. But Seethal and Vishnu Ramachandran have written in ample comedy that puts the director at ease. The cast, a host of freshers, carry the entire movie on their shoulders with a dexterity seldom seen in newcomers.

Ajmal Zayn, Soumya, Krrish and Surabhi perform well, but Vijay Johny and Sujith Raj simply steal the show and show great promise in their vibrancy and comic timing. The youngsters charge the frames with their electric performance, seamlessly switching back and forth from comedy to sober seriousness. Except for his tediously familiar Kozhikode slang, Hareesh Kanaran is still the king of comedy as always.

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