A children’s book of fables catches the eyes of anyone, mostly for its colourful content rather than its hardcore sensible entertainment value. And often, the figures, with splashes of strikingly mismatching yet catchy shades and some over-the-top characters are enough to bring some smile onto the faces of the readers. Iblis, a fantasy film reminds you of such an experience, as you exit the theatre.

Set in a village filled with some curious characters and stories of their peculiar lives, Iblis has Vysakhan (Asif Ali) as the film’s protagonist. He loves Fida (Madonna), who sells sweets and tries to win her heart with the help of his grandfather (Lal). Meanwhile, the village is cursed by the sudden deaths of many natives and right from the beginning, you see the living and the dead co-existing in the same space. Regardless, each of them has their own reason to hang around the village and the story moves ahead with Vysakhan’s attempts to make Fida part of his life.

With the many floral shirts, bling jackets, puppetry and more, each of the visuals is beautiful. All the characters have an unnatural aura about them, which keeps you intrigued, just as it should in a fantasy film. The makers have tried to be as creative as possible in many ways, for instance, a sequence in which Vysakhan narrating a story is delightfully shown, retaining his voice but the persona of the numerous characters that would be part of it. The spontaneity of the actors does create some magic too overall.